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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Elementary Education K-9 B.A. Special Education K-12 M.Ed. Educational Technology Reading Endorsement Early Childhood Endorsement

Mrs. Jenn Miller - Yancey

Evergreen Elementary School

Assistant Principal/Lead Teacher



Welcome to Evergreen Elementary School and the 2021-2022 School Year!

It brings great joy to be serving EES as the building administrator for my third school year.  I  have again been enthusiastically preparing all summer long.   My role as Evergreen Elementary Assistant Principal/Lead Teacher will mean that I will have a hand in planning for instruction and assessments of students, maintaining the EES STEM Lab and EATS School Garden Program, and hopefully doing some NASP Archery Coaching, all while also covering principal duties. The last two years have been absolutely amazing, despite 1.5 years of it being a pandemic!  COVID times have posed challenges we’ve been able to overcome situation by situation and working as team with our families.  I am confident that, working together, we will continue to provide a very meaningful, rigorous, and appropriate learning program for each student during these continuing unprecedented times.    

I am proud to be a born and raised, lifelong resident of Wrangell.  This year, I am celebrating my 30th year of service teaching, coaching, and supervising programs for Wrangell Public Schools! I have truly loved every single minute working with students, families, and my community over my 27 years in the classroom, and now going on three years as lead teacher;  it’s truly my passion.  Our school is a place of limitless learning, outdoor education experiences, and hands-on, project-based learning.  I am a lifelong learner who is dedicated to teaching and learning, as is our entire staff of AMAZING teachers and paras.  I guarantee a busy, action-filled school year, as students gain necessary skills to be 21st Century Learners, while having FUN, setting and meeting/exceeding goals, and serving our wonderful Community!

 Here is a little tidbit of fun history for you.  For 24 years, I was located in Primary Building Room 102/111 where I myself went to 1st grade, and where I had just recently started to teach students of students that I had in the past.  What a unique and cherished gift!  The longevity, history, and roots grown there will never be forgotten.  The new location for Mrs. Miller's Classroom then became Intermediate Building Room 107 (which I refer to as the USS MRS M, a nautical/ship themed learning environment the students have loved).  You will now be able to find me back in Primary Building Room 111, having gone FULL CIRCLE to where it all started in 1992 (and if you really want to go back; first grade was in 1976!)  It’s good to be back! 

Whether you’ve been part of my near three decades of classroom family building at EES, know me but not as a teacher, or are brand-new to Evergreen, please feel free to contact me anytime!  Our fantastic school secretary will always know where I am; if I’m not available at the moment, she will make you an appointment or take a message for me to get back to you.  I do stay very interactive and busy, and the staff and I are already working up big, exciting plans for Evergreen Elementary for the 2021-2022 School Year and beyond.

In addition to taking care of the STEM Lab, EATS Garden, NASP Archery, plus principal duties,  I also volunteer to coordinate the WHS Shakes Glacier Survey Team.  I am active on all EES and many WPSD Committees.  In my spare time I love to travel, spend time with my family, jet-boat, work at and enjoy our family cabin on the Stikine River, read, garden, and adventure when I can.  I have been married for a couple of years to my wonderful, funny husband, Eric Yancey.  We decided I would stay “Mrs. Miller” since that is what everyone knows me as already!  My greatest blessing is being a mother to my three amazing children, Calleigh, Garrett, and Trevor, now grown, who I raised as a widow from the ages of 3, 6, and 9.   I believe in serving one’s community; my current large community endeavor is as President of the Wrangell Mariners’ Memorial Project with the goal of fundraising, planning, and building this memorial for Wrangell.  It is important for our children to see us have a balance of work and play; service work and family time are both integral in my life and career.  I’m not overly good on the “balance” part because I tend to be a workaholic where doing things for the students are concerned, but that’s me!  Let me know if you have a way we can connect students with the community!  I would love to hear from you.    

2019-2020 was quite a year at Evergreen Elementary.  There were so many new and exciting activities and resources added like our walking path, playground games, lunch activity rotation, book club, read-a-thon, and hands down the most amazing Friendsgiving we've ever had, just to name a few!  EES was recognized as the Alaska ESEA National Distinguished School for 2019.  We sent a team to Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate and learn at the national level.  EES and WPSD were recognized by the United States National Guard as Patriotic Employer for our support of a staff member on active duty, and EES was chosen as the exemplar for a publication put out by the National Association of Elementary Principals for Competency 5; Shared leadership and building capacity.  As a huge surprise to me, my staff nominated me for Educator of the Year 2020.  I will always cherish the support the staff has had for my position, and the work we do.  The EES Staff is truly second to none.  All that and we ended in-person school in March!     

Then, we dove into the 2020-2021 School Year and all of the challenges associated with a global pandemic.  Despite mandates and mitigation, we rose to the occasion, working hard with students and finding new ways to safely do our business.  Students assisted with our school lunch program, led our school through student council, and performed many other leadership tasks.  EES hosted Christmas Tree Lane, and our librarian figured out a new way for us to have a book fair through an online option when we found out Scholastic wouldn’t be able to send us books this year due to COVID.  We grew many plants and ended the year with numerous plant, flower, and seed sales.  The EATS Garden was planted on schedule.  Classrooms modified many of their activities to occur in the outdoors.  We ran after school interventions that served over 25 students some days!  The new technology we became accustomed to helped us to connect with the outside world, have guest speakers, and learn in so many new ways.  We loved having our traveling classes from MUSIC and EES Counseling.      

I will strive to continue assisting to build Evergreen Elementary School in the 2021-2022 School Year as a balanced family environment that supports one another and works together toward the common goals of raising student achievement and offering varied learning activities/opportunities, while emphasizing the Wrangell Public School District Core Values:  Be Respectful, Be Honest, Act With Integrity, Be Courageous, Develop Confidence, and Be Kind.  Our students are flexible, resilient, and incredibly intelligent.  It will take many hands to do big work, so please get involved and let us know if you have time to volunteer in any capacity, even from a distance.  I look forward to a very positive, productive school year at Evergreen Elementary School.  I am proud to be part of this team!




Mrs. Jenn Miller-Yancey

EES Building Administrator