• In order to insure a learning atmosphere in the classroom that makes it possible for everyone to learn, it is important that the children behave appropriately.   The disciplinary rules I use are displayed in my classroom.   The children and I will discuss these rules thoroughly and their consequences should they be broken. 

     My rules are as follows:

    1. Listen and follow directions
    2. Do not disturb others
    3. Keep hands and feet to self
    4. Have Fun!!

    Although I prefer to use positive methods of behavior modification, there are times when it will be necessary to use disciplinary measures.  The consequences of breaking classroom rules are listed below.

    1st offense = Name on board--a warning

    2nd offense = Check next to name--5 minutes detention

    3rd offense =  Two checks next to name--10 minutes detention

    4th offense = Three checks next to name--15 minutes detention and parents contacted.

    Any severe disruptions will result in my contacting you as soon as possible.  By working together, we can make the school year a successful one for everyone.   Feel free to contact me at school 874-2321 Ex. 246 or 305 0167.