• 9/8/2020

    We had a fantastic and very smooth day today. It was great to see everyone back and ready to learn! We have also started our first read aloud: James and the Giant Peach. Some very interesting and thoughtful questions and inferences were being made, some of which were pretty hilarious. 



    Day two of school! We have received our iPad cases and will be introducing them to the class today. This will be our opportunity to be able to log into some websites and resources that will help guide our learning throughout the year. Some resources are familiar and some are new, but it will be great to get started. There will be NO required Zoom login this Friday (September 11), however, we would like to check in with families and address any questions and/or concerns. 



    Wow! We've been doing so much in our short time together. Kids have been learning how to use our classroom management app-Seesaw, and figuring out how to keep things paperless. iPads went home yesterday for the first time and everyone seemed both excited and ready for the responsibility. We've also been exploring Ms. Calleigh's virtual library, Freckle, and Epic! We will be exploring how to log into Zoom today in preparation for our first meet at 8:30am on Friday. 



    Picture day tomorrow! September 23, 2020. 

    We've had a very productive week so far with testing and delving even deeper into our technology. This week we have been using Seesaw to get a strong handle on weekly assignments and goals. We have also bee experimenting with how to complete and turn in work. Today we had the opportunity to go out to the garden and help pull weeds as well as some potatoes. Never miss a chance to get your hands dirty! 

    Some questions to ask your kiddos if you get the notorious "nothing" response when asking how their day went:

    1. What is MyOn and how is it different from Epic?

    2. What's going on in James and the Giant Peach?



    Last week, our class practiced identifying which folders go with which week for assignments and homework (called activities in Seesaw). For those at home, weekly activities and homework can be found under the FOLDERS tab which can be found by clicking on the folder icon to the right side of the screen. Your student can then find the week that we are currently in, and locate their assignments there. Nice and orderly! Now that MAP testing is finished (way to go 5th grade!) we can jump back into learning! We also finished James and the Giant Peach on Thursday and I have to say... I think we would all like to know what was up with that rhino! 



    Today, we had our first reading log check. It was awesome to see that our class is already getting those done! 30 minutes of reading a night adds up quickly as we realized, and we certainly have a lot to talk about when we share our book interests. I am so impressed with how quickly the class is picking up on technology and how to navigate the apps and resources that we get to use this year. It's all very exciting!