Full Time School (Almost)

  • Dear Parents,
            I'm excited that we are going to full time school next week!   I know the homework burden has been challenging and I thank  you for the efforts you made to keep your child caught up.  I will still post on my website what the daily homework is.  On most days the homework will be between 40-60 minutes.  Since we are still dealing with Covid, the Ipads will be traveling back and forth daily.  Most days the kids will have an electronic math assignment (should take 20-30 minutes to complete depending on understanding of concept), 30 minutes of at home reading, and 5-10 minutes of studying their weekly spelling words.  Most of the kids don't know all their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts to a 90% or better. We will be working on these in class, but some children will need to spend time at home learning these as well.  I have noticed that the electronic math fact games and practice don't seem to stick in their minds as well as the old fashioned flash cards.  If you have flash cards at home, please go through them with your child and any fact they don't know in three seconds or less need to be practiced.  (No fingers allowed for counting) Start helping your child memorize their facts by doing four flash cards a night.  Add 4 more cards each day.  You will be amazed at how fast they learn them. 
          The gym is being used at different times as a classroom and at this time teachers can't use it for PE.  I am a firm believer in PE, and should the gym become available, we will begin using it immediatly! My fourth graders will have two recesses M-Th (930-945, and 1230-1245) Fridays we will just have the morning recess. M-Th  students will eat lunch in my room from 1100-1130.  Snack time will be about 10:05-10:30.  We will do restroom breaks after each recess and all kids wash their hands after each recess and before eating lunch and snack. 
          Kids can fill their water bottles in my room or get a drink from  disposable cups.  Our classrooms and bathrooms were just fitted out with new motion activated faucets much like you see in the big airports.  The toilets and urinals have been upgraded to electronic activation as well.
            Keep in mind that our schedule is  fluid and as support staff are added and changes come our way it will be adjusted to maximize learning or efficiency. 
    Brian Merritt