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  • Homework and Interventions Club, is an after school program run by myself and another paraprofessional. In Homework Club, we assist students with their homework, or other teacher assigned intervention skill work, before they go home for the day. Homework Club is a Monday through Thursday program. 2:30-3:15, each student is required to sign in each day when they come to homework Club. With the Homework Club, there comes a contract. This contract must be read and signed by the student, their parent/guardian, and the student's teacher. The Homework Club contracts consists of the guidelines, times and dates, rules,and consequences if rules are not followed or violated. 


    Homework and Interventions Club is back!


    This year Homework and Interventions Club will start on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2021. Homework and Interventions Club will be a little different this year than previous years. Homework and Interventions Club will be by Teacher referral ONLY at this time. Homework and Interventions Club will be in session Monday- Thursday 2:30 - 3:15 pm. Contracts were provide to teachers the first week of September for distribution to students who would benefit from this intervention program. If your student has been referred by their teacher, your child will come home with the contract or the classroom teacher will contact you.  If you feel your child is in need of this service, please contact your child's teacher. 


    Thank you!  

  • Homework Club 

    Evergreen Elementary School



    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year, Evergreen Eagle Families! Everyone is off to a busy start with lots of learning happening. We are excited to be offering Homework Club again this year. Homework Club will start on Monday, September 13, 2021.  Homework Club will be by teacher referral only at this time.  Your child has been referred by their classroom teacher.  We will be able to offer Homework Club to grades 2nd - 5th, and possibly K - 1 grades at a later date, depending on staffing. The purpose of Homework Club is to provide students with a QUIET work area, as well as additional support/assistance in a particular subject.  Homework Club will be staffed from 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm, Monday - Thursday.    * NO FRIDAYS*


    Please be sure to read through the contract overview and expectations completely, then please return a signed Homework Club contract to Mrs. Eastaugh in the EES office. Students must have a signed contract on file before their first day of attendance.  Thank you for your support and continually being a key to your child's success!!


    Homework Club Expectations


    • Students must have a signed contract on file with the EES Office/Homework Club to attend.  
    • Students must commit to attending everyday, Monday-Thursday.   
    • Three absences for any reason may result in a space being given to a student on the waitlist.   
    • Sign-in when entering the homework room (first and last name).  
    • Take a pencil and sit down quietly.  Raise your hand for assistance. 
    • There is no talking except when receiving help from the adult in the room. Students are there to work and receive assistance.
    • Students are allowed to help each other on occasion, UNLESS it becomes distracting to other students.  If distractions occur, students may be asked to move to another seat.
    • Snacks are allowed in the homework room.  We ask that work has been completed first.
    • Friends may not wait for students to finish in the homework room.
    • Please pick up students in the elementary office. Students will stay in the homework room until 3:15 pm. unless parents come to the elementary office to pick them up. The secretary will call the homework room to notify the student to come to the office if they must leave early.  
    • Students need to always have a book to read in case they finish their homework before 3:15 pm.   
    • Students who ride the late bus (if available) will be escorted to the bus stop by 3:10 pm. (not available this year)  
    • If students are disruptive they may be asked to go call parents to be picked up early.  Disciplinary action may be taken depending on the frequency and severity of the issue.
    • Space may be limited; priority is given to teacher recommended student participation. 

    Behavior Expectations


    In the Homework Club we follow our three main school rules. We are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and we are SAFE.  We are practicing to make good choices at Evergreen Elementary. In the Homework club if your child is having a difficult time making good choices the consequences by the week are as follows:


    1st warning:  Name on the board.  Classroom teacher is notified.  Loss of recess the next day.


    2nd warning: Check by name. Teacher notified.  Loss of recess. Phone call home regarding behavior.


    3rd warning: Second check.  Teacher notified. Loss of all recesses the next day. Phone call home to create a behavior plan and/or discuss if homework club is an appropriate placement at this time. 


    *Any behavior issues after 3rd warning will result in loss of privilege or implementation of a formal behavior plan at the discretion of the teacher, homework club supervisor(s), parents/guardian and/or principal.  The principal will be notified of each level of warning.  Every effort will be made to help the student have success.    

  • Contact information

    Ms. Lorna- Homework club supervisor

    PH: 907-874-2321 ext 248

    Email: lsalchenberg@wpsd.us