Other Focus Areas and Resources

  • At Evergreen Elementary, we do use various types of curriculums to reach whole and small groups, but there are other themes that are used daily inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage and demonstrate Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset in our students. This challenges students to believe in their power to control their own growth and abilities which can lead to success. Through hard work, patience, and persistence we can grow socially and emotionally. We also believe in the Power of Yet! This mindset goes hand-in-hand with Growth Mindset as we use one simple word to help students realize that good things take time and work. The power of this simple word can completely change your mindset and views on success! We also practice grit to teach students how to use perseverance to reach their long-term goals. Resilience, passion, and determination makes a difference!


Growth Mindset
  • The Power of the Human Brain

    The power of the human brain is amazing when you start to understand what it’s really capable of. You know that image of a brain with a light bulb going off above it? Well, there is actually some truth to it. The human brain is capable of producing enough electricity to light a small lightbulb. Imagine the things our brains are capable of when we use them to exercise our SEL abilities. During SEL class, our students learn about the power of their brains and how they can really work for or against you, depending on how you treat it. We like to say: “Kiss your brain!” because the more good you put into this powerhouse, the more it gives back in return. By utilizing The Power of Yet! and Growth Mindset, we are training our brains every day to learn that we are unstoppable and completely capable of overcoming challenges as they arise. Flexibility and perseverance are a must!