School supplies:
    1 backpack
    1 Lunch box/bag
    1 water bottle that stays at school and can be closed/sealed. 
    1 container of Clorox disinfectant wipes 
    1 set of over the ear headphones (no earbuds) to stay at school
    1 box of pencils
    1 box of crayons
    1 box of markers
    1 box of erasers (large or small) 
    2 folders with pockets
    1 small flashlight with batteries (for flashlight Friday reading)
    Snack items that keep for class to share 
    1 box freezer gallon ziplock bags
    1 box quart ziplock bags
    1 box snack size sealable ziplock bags 
    Toys/individual wrapped candy for prize box
    Extra water bottles for kids w/out