2/13-17/2023 Math- add and subtract  like fractions Reading- Shiloh Chapters 5-10, comprehension questions, accuracy reading Writing-Bike Wreck Stories, journal entry, grain of sand stories Spelling--List 20, sentences, alphabetizing, parts of speech Science--Rock cycle, minerals, rock types

  • 9/12-9/16

    Math-  add and subtract patterns, add and subtract mentally, Estimating sums, Add whole numbers, Aleks: daily 10 minutes facts, 20 concepts

    Reading- Sarah PT, Chapter 7, SPT 8, SPT 9, SPT 10, SPT 11

    Writing- Journals, DISTRICT WRITING SAMPLE

    Spelling List 2- sentences, alphabetizing, dictionary page #

    Science-Skeleton Study, Human Organ Study


    Math-subtract whole numbers, subtract across zeros, problem solving, multistep problems, ALeks

    Reading- Book Report on Sarah, Plain and Tall, Begin reading Little House on the Prairie (LHOP) Chapters 1-5


    Spelling list 3- dictionary page numbers, sentences, alphabetizing, parts of speech

    Science-Human anatomy (organ study)


    Math--Finding area of square and rectangular shapes, Multiplying across zeroes, Drawing models for partial productshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZZl-pOog2E

    Reading--Finish Little House on the Prairie, Read Chocolate Touch chapters 1-3, compare characters from Chocolate Touch with LHOP,

    Writing--Write book report for Little House on the Prairie, 2 journal entries Monday and Thursday

    Spelling- Write sentences for list 9, emphasis on Exclamation Points, Sentences that start with When



    Math-Multiplying double digit numbers, estimating to 10's and 100's with 3 and 4 digit numbers, multiplying with the distributive property using grid squares (area model), multiplying double digit numbers with regrouping, dividing single numbers into three digit numbers

    Reading-Chocolate Touch, Chapters 4-8, emphasis on comprehension, character comparison, character characteristics, finding exact answers in text.


    Writing-Finish Halloween Story, Spelling sentences for list 10, Journal entries for Monday and Friday

    Science--Animal adaptations-Science text also migration, hibernating, Deer Heart dissection continued https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMTDmP81mG4with discussion on transplanting human organs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2MibjJgyjs 


    11/14-18/2022  Math- Dividing numbers with a zero in the quotient, Problem solving conventional story problems, Adding across zeroes, Estimating with division

    Reading Chocolate Touch CHapters 9-12, discuss characteristics of main characters, plot of  story, setting of story, complete book report for story

    Writing- Journal entries, Spelling sentences,

    Science-- Skin deer with focus on fat, muscle, trachea, key bones, cartilege, tendons, Make Deer Skinning Book Pictures


    11/21-23/2022--Math-- Dividing large numbers (4 digits), Problem Solving, ALeks

    Reading - Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing --Chapters 1 and 2, questions on chapters

    Science--Handout on life cycle of turkeys

    Writing- Spelling sentences with Thanksgiving words, Journal entry

    11/28-Dec. 2--Math-- Drawing pictures for division problems, using math blocks to interpret division, problem solving

    Reading Tales... Chapters 5-9

    Writing- Journal entries, Thanksgiving Day Story

    Science-- Fossils, Extinction,  Habitats, ecosystems

  • 3/27-31/2023

    Math-Customary units of weight, converting units of weight, using customary weights to weigh common things: pencil, chair, shoe

    Reading--Read about Seward's Day, watch clip on why Russia sold Alaska, Finish Trouble River Book Report, Hatchet first 3 chapters, answer chapter questions

    Writing-Journal Entry, directions, how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spelling sentences

    Science-Stars in the sky, pages 308/312, walk out on track, figure out how big the Sphynx is from our science book

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  • 3/13-17/23

    Math--Comparing decimals, problem solving with decimals, customary units of measure

    Reading--Trouble River -5-8

    Writing--Spelling sentences, journal entries, creative story

    Science-- Space Study

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  • 3/6-8/2023

    Math- Working with decimals: converting to fractions, using place value charts, recognizing tenths and hundredths, ALEKS

    Reading--Trouble River Chapters 3-5, Comprehension sheets, reading for accuracy

    Writing--Grammar sheets: clauses, runon sentences, adding commas, Journal entry, spelling sentences

    Science- More Space study-What's a planet, star, asteroid, comet


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  • 2/27-3/3/2023--Reading-Complete Book Report on Shiloh, Begin Trouble River, Chapters 1-3, Share Bike Wreck Stories

    Writing-BR on Class Novel, Journal entry about the weekend, Improving writing by completing/discussing: topic sentence, clauses, end punctuation, and runon sentences

    Spelling-Alphabetize list 22 and write sentences for list 22.

    Science- begin studying about space, text pages 316-330.

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  • Math- add and subtract  like fractions

    Reading- Shiloh Chapters 5-10, comprehension questions, accuracy reading

    Writing-Bike Wreck Stories, journal entry, grain of sand stories

    Spelling--List 20, sentences, alphabetizing, parts of speech

    Science--Rock cycle, minerals, rock types

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  • 1/23-28/2023

    Math-Factors/Multiples  Prime and Composite #'s,  Modeling equivalent fractions, Finding Equivalent Fractions,

    Reading-Trumpet..Swan Chapters 14-18, nouns, verbs, adjectives, main idea of a paragraph

    Science-Erosion, soil formation, soil classification, soil horizons, plants and soil relationship

    Writing--Journal, Spelling sentences, TS questions

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  • 1/16-1/20/2023

    Math- Order of Operations, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, Equations with 2 operations, Zeroes in Division, Aleks

    Reading-TS Chapters 10-13, Nouns, verbs, adjectives, summarizing text, quoting proof from text

    Writing, Journals, Letter to Sam Beaver, Paragraph development, Spelling sentences

    Science--Text pages 170-211: consumers, energy pyramid, producers, population control, Erosion

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  • 1/9-13/2023

    Math Sequences, Problem solving with a pattern, Order of operations for +,--, and paranthesis, Order of operations for X and /.

    Reading-Trumpet of the Swan-Chapters 1-7

    Writing--Spelling Sentences for list 15, Journal entry, Letter to Louis

    Science-Decomposers, Producers, Consumers, Text pages 164-170

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  • 1/4-6/2023

    Math-Problem Solving with a variable, 2 digit division,

    Reading -Secret Moose- Last chapter then book report

    Writing-Jounal entries about last year

    Science- Fossils, erosion, plant diversity

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  • 12/5-8/2022

    Math- Division, what to do when the first number is less than the divisor, division and the distributive property using models, Problem Solving Patterns, division and multiplication

    Reading- Tales of a 4th..., chapters 9 and 10, then book report on the book, focus: documenting proof from the book, citing responses from the book,

    Science--Pages 140-142, biotic and abiotic factors,144/145, climate types

    Writing-15 sentence journal entry about weekend, spelling sentences

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