Wrangell Public Schools

Wrangell Public Schools fosters and encourages all students to achieve their potential within an increasingly global society.

Classified Staff 2016-2017
Angerman, Fred Maintenance Director fangerman@wpsd.us
Beaty, Jason HS Custodian jbeaty@wpsd.us
Bradley, Bill Activities Director bbradley@wpsd.us
Cartwright, Stephanie MS Paraprofessional scartwright@wpsd.us
Clark, Jason Elem Paraprofessional jclark@wpsd.us
Clark, Megan Speech Paraprofessional mclark@wpsd.us
Davies, Renate Elem Secretary rdavies@wpsd.us
Easterly, Danielle Elem Paraprofessional deasterly@wpsd.us
Fredrichs, Mary Elem Paraprofessional mfredrichs@wpsd.us
Gerald, Jenifer Elem Library Para. jgerald@wpsd.us
Haley, jim Elem Custodian jhaley@wpsd.us
Keith, Danielle Elem Paraprofessional dkeith@wpsd.us
Knapp, Luella IEA Director lknapp@wpsd.us
Longmire, Patrick Elem Paraprofessional plongmire@wpsd.us
Ludwigsen, Jennifer MS Paraprofessional jludwigsen@wpsd.us
Martin, Cindy IEA Paraprofessional cmartin@wpsd.us
Morse, Adam Elem Paraprofessional amorse@wpsd.us
Morse, John Elem Custodian jmorse@wpsd.us
Neyman, Barb HS Sped Seccretary/Aide bneyman@wpsd.us
Pempek, Therese HS Office Aide tpempek@wpsd.us
Peterman, Joel HS Custodian jpeterman@wpsd.us
Powell, Kim Admin Assistant kpowell@wpsd.us
Rang, Brenda MS Paraprofessional brang@wpsd.us
Reeves, Katelyn Accounting Clerk/ SLP kreeves@wpsd.us
Rivard, Richard Elem Paraprofessional rrivard@wpsd.us
Robinson, Deborah Elem Paraprofessional drobinson@wpsd.us
Rooney, Trisa Secondary Library Aide trooney@wpsd.us
Roope, Pam Business Manager proope@wpsd.us
Talburt, Megan HS Secretary mtalburt@wpsd.us