• Any parent, teacher, individual, or organization with a complaint with regard to operations of Federal Programs covered under the reauthorized Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at Wrangell Public Schools shall submit the complaint to the superintendent in writing.
    The superintendent shall meet with the complainant to discuss the complaint within ten
    calendar days from the date the complaint is submitted in written form. The
    superintendent shall issue a written response to the complaint within ten calendar days
    following the superintendent’s meeting with the complainant. If the complainant is not
    satisfied with the superintendent’s response, the complainant may appeal to the board by
    submitting a written appeal to the superintendent’s office, addressed to the board, within
    five calendar days after receiving the superintendent’s written response. The board shall
    schedule a hearing on the record and establish a timeline to issue a written decision that
    will permit board resolution of the complaint within 60 days of the date it was first
    submitted to the superintendent.