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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Carney

After a three year run in Prince William Sound, I have been teaching in Wrangell since 2012. It is an honor to work with the students of our community. When I'm not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with family, hunting, fishing, coaching wrestling, traveling, and learning about history.

My high school courses are Alaska Studies, U.S. History, World History, Government, Economics, Physical Education, Strength Training, Job Skills, Career Exploration, and Health. 

Feel free to contact me by phone at 874-3395, email me at, or stop by my classroom, Room 214. 



Online Platforms for Fall 2020:

Job Skills - Google Classroom- Access Through Your Personal Gmail Account

       -Homework via Email

Alaska Studies- Alaska Digital Academy- Canvas-

       -Homework via Email and Canvas

AKSVS- Buzz-

   Strength Training/PE


   World History

        -Homework via Email and on Buzz

Tips for Online Success:

-Bookmark your class, save your passwords(have a hard copy in case your computer dies), and create a file specific to this class on your desktop.

-Check your school email, PowerSchool, and your Online Class Platforms often.

-Start class on time and prepared with your computer charging, writing utensil ready, notebook out, and your online platform open.

When Emailing in Homework to, check for the following:

       -Subject Message w/ class and assignment name/number.

       -Formatted Properly, rotated, pictures in focus, readable

       -All of the same assignments on one email….not 10 individual emails with 10 pics of same project

       -Assignment Named Properly: Last Name.ClassName.AssignmentName/Number.  Example: Carney.World.GoldenAge12.2