Daily Homework Sept., 21-25

                                          September 21, 2020
Dear Parents,
Here is the homework for Monday through Friday.  For the rest of the year kids need to get an 85% or higher on IXL assignments.  We will not have a virtual meeting this Friday.  Kids should get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.  Pick one of the following for them to do each day for 20 minutes: ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, walk, go swimming at the pool, or have them do what you think is a reasonable activity.  This same information will be on my Wrangell Public Schools website.  I found out that as soon as the kids leave the school area, they will automatically be logged out of seesaw and programs we're using.  At home once they are logged into seesaw, renn place, Freckle Math etc. you might try book marking that into favorites on the ipad and call it seesaw home or whatever. Maybe each time at home the favorite button will work, I haven't tried this but it's worth a try.  Thanks
Homework for:
Monday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, a.10
               2. IXL, 4th science, j.2
               3. 10 sentence long journal entry about the weekend, send a picture and record yourself reading this journal entry out loud on seesaw
               4.  Read for 30 minutes.
               5. Exercise (see note above)
                6. Write your spelling words one time
Tuesday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, A.21
                2.  IXL, 4th Language Arts (LA), E.1
                3.  10 sentence long, hand written journal entry, take a picture and send a recording of you reading it on seesaw and send it to me
                 4.  Read for 30 minutes
                  5.  Exercise
                  6.  Study for spelling test
Wednesday,  1.  IXL, 4th Math, B.6,
                      2.  IXL, 4th, LA, U .1,
                      3.  10 sentence long electronic Journal entry on Seesaw
                      4. Read for 30 minutes
                      5.  Draw and color a big (8.5 x 11") picture of a house
                      6. Exercise
Thursday,       1.  IXL, 4th Math, K.9
                       2.  Write a sentence on paper for the first 8 spelling words, send picture on  Seesaw.  (Keep track of this paper for tomorrow!)
                       3.  Read for 30 minutes
                       4.  Exercise
                       5.  IXL, 4th LA, D.1
Friday,             1.  IXL, 4th, Social Studies, a.1
                        2.  Write a nice note to one or both of your parents, deliver it to them
                        3.  Write a sentence for the last 7 spelling words. send picture
                        4.  Read for  30 minutes
                        5. Get a one cup measuring cup (use a coffee cup if you don't have one) find four containers in your house.  Make a list on a piece of paper of the name of each container.   Guess how many cups of water (capacity) each container will hold.  After guessing, go back and fill each container one cup at a time, keep track of how many cups it actually takes to fill each  container.  Write the exact number of cups on the same line as estimate.  Write down how far your estimate was off from the actual number of cups of water the container holds.  (see example below)
Container         Guess of capacity     Actual capacity      Difference of estimate
vase                       6 cups                      11 cups                        5 cups
small pot
square baking pan
sister's boot
Write down three things you learned by doing this capacity activity, send pictures of the completed paper, the containers you chose, the area all cleaned up when done, and if you want, a video of you filling up one container