Daily Homework Sept 28- Oct 2

Sept., 28-Oct., 2
Dear Parents,
Here is the homework for Monday through Friday.  For the rest of the year kids need to get an 85% or higher on IXL assignments.  We will have a virtual meeting this Friday at 11:00am.  I'll send an email later this week with the code.    Kids should get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.  Pick one of the following for them to do each day for 20 minutes: ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, walk, go swimming at the pool, or have them do what you think is a reasonable activity. 
Homework for:
Monday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, b.10,b.11
               2. IXL, 4th LA i.1
               3. 10 sentence long journal entry about the weekend, send a picture and record yourself reading this journal entry out loud on seesaw
               4.  Read for 30 minutes.
               5. Exercise (see note above)
                6. Write your spelling words one time on paper
Tuesday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, b.3
                2.  Draw a picture of the main character in a book you are reading
                3.  10 sentence long, hand written journal entry, take a picture and send a recording of you reading it on seesaw and send it to me
                 4.  Read for 30 minutes
                  5.  Exercise
                  6.  Study for spelling test, which is tomorrow
                  7. Read Bats, Nocturnal Flyers by Rebecca Rissman on Myon, take the test after reading
Wednesday,  1.  IXL, 4th Math, c.2
                      2.  IXL, 4th, LA, m.2
                      3.  10 sentence long electronic Journal entry on Seesaw
                      4. Read for 30 minutes
                      5.  Draw and color a big (8.5 x 11") picture of a moose
                      6. Exercise
Thursday,       1.  IXL, 4th Math, c.3
                       2.  Write a sentence on paper for the first 8 spelling words, send picture on  Seesaw.  (Keep track of this paper for tomorrow!)
                       3.  Read for 30 minutes
                       4.  Exercise
                       5.  Observe an animal that's not a human, name the animal, write down on paper  6 observations about the animal.  Tell three ways the animal is the same as you and 3 ways the animal is different than you. Send picture of completed paper
Friday,  We will meet on Google at 11:00 am.  Kids need paper and pencil.
Join by phone
+1 585-491-8264 (PIN: 177471299)
                        1.  IXL, 4th, Math c.5
                        2.  Write 5 clues about something in your house on Seesaw, don't tell what it is.  Title it "MysteryThing"
                        3.  Write a sentence for the last 7 spelling words. send picture
                        4.  Read for  30 minutes
                        5.  IXL LA 4th g.2
Use a ruler (one foot) for this activity.  Make a Data Table like the one shown below.  Go through your house and guess how big the items mentioned below are and then actually measure them. Estimate to the nearest whole foot.  Add two more items that you can measure.  Write down how far off your estimate was.  Write down three things you learned by doing this activity.  Send picture on Seesaw of completed Data Table. 
Item.         Guess how many rulers long.    Actual size.    Difference in Guess
Bed Length
Bed Width
Door Height
Door Width
Stove Height
 Three things I learned were: 1.