Daily Homework October 5-9/2020

Dear Parents,
Here is the homework for Monday through Friday.  For the rest of the year kids need to get an 85% or higher on IXL assignments.  We will have a virtual meeting this Friday at 11:00am.  The code will be with Friday's requirements.    Kids should get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.  Pick one of the following for them to do each day for 20 minutes: ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, walk, go swimming at the pool, or have them do what you think is a reasonable activity. 
Homework for:
Monday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, c.4
               2. Myon-Read Plants (The Science Behind), test on AR
               3. 10 sentence electronic  journal entry about the weekend, send a picture and record yourself reading this journal entry out loud on seesaw
               4.  Read  book of your choice for 30 minutes.
               5. Exercise (see note above)
                6. Write your spelling words one time on paper
Tuesday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, b.8
                2.  Myon-Read-- A  Plant that Eats Spiders, test on AR
                3.  10 sentence long, hand written journal entry, take a picture and send a recording of you reading it on seesaw and send it to me
                 4.  Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                  5.  Exercise
                  6.  Study for spelling test, which is tomorrow
Wednesday,  1.  IXL, 4th Math, a.11
                      2.  Myon-Powerful Polar Bears, Test on AR
                      3.  Write a one page long story about a polar bear
                      4. Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                      5.  Draw and color a big (8.5 x 11") picture of a polar bear, you can leave bear hide white, but color around the bear so it looks colored.  (Polar bears are not all white)
                      6. Exercise
Thursday,       1.  IXL, 4th Math, d.15
                       2.  Accelerated Math, do your math exercise.
                       3.  Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                       4.  Exercise
                       5.  Myon-Fire and Snow--J. Gunderson, test on AR
Friday,             1.  IXL, 4th, Math m.1
                        2.  Myon-Jamestown, AR test
                        3.  Write a one page story about anything.  Make sure you have 2 paragraphs. 
                        4.  Read book of your choice for  30 minutes
                        5.  Collect 3 rocks from outside.  Describe each one in three or more ways. Write three ways the rocks are the same and three ways they are different.
ZOOM MEETING AT 11:00 AM!  Bring paper and pencil.
Join by phone
+1 585-491-8264 (PIN: 177471299)