Daily Homework 10/12-16/2020

                             October 12-16/2020
Dear Parents,
Here is the homework for Monday through Friday.  For the rest of the year kids need to get an 85% or higher on IXL assignments.  If your child has spent 30 minutes or more on an IXL topic and still haven't achieved an 85%, they can move on to some other part of their homework.  We will have a virtual meeting this Friday at 11:00am.  The code will be with Friday's homework  requirements.    Kids should get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.  Pick one of the following for them to do each day: ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, walk, go swimming at the pool, or have them do what you think is a reasonable activity. 
Homework for:
Monday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, f.8
               2. Myon-White-Tailed Deer, test on AR
               3. 10 sentence electronic  journal entry about the weekend, send a picture and record yourself reading this journal entry out loud on seesaw
               4.  Read  book of your choice for 30 minutes.
               5. Exercise (see note above)
                6. alphabetize your spelling words on paper
               7.  IXL LA H.5
Tuesday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, d.20
                2.  Myon-Read-- A Day Inside the Human Body, test on AR
                3.  10 sentence long, hand written journal entry about today, take a picture and send a recording of you reading it on seesaw
                 4.  Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                  5.  Exercise
                  6.  Study for your spelling test  by writing your words three times each, test is  tomorrow
                   7.  IXL LA. o.1
Wednesday,  1.  IXL, 4th Math, d.38
                      2.  Myon-A tour of your respiratory system, Test on AR
                      3.  Write one paragraph on Seesaw about what the book A Tour of your Respiratory System is about.  Tell three things you learned about red blood cells. Send to me.
                      4. Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                      5. Do one nice thing for a parent
                      6. Exercise
                      7.  IXL LA q.4
Thursday,       1.  IXL, 4th Math, d.39
                       2.  Work in Freckle math for 30 minutes.
                       3.  Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                       4.  Exercise
                       5.  Myon-A Tour of your Muscular/Skeletal system, test on AR
                        6.  IXL LA s.1
Friday,             1.  IXL, 4th, Math m.8
                        2.  Myon-Amazing Animal Communicators, then AR test
                        3.  Write a one page story about anything.  Make sure you have at least   2 paragraphs. 
                        4.  Read book of your choice for  30 minutes
                        5.  Draw a big picture of one of the animals in Amazing Animal Communicators, tell what it is communicating, tell how the animal is related to you in two ways, and mention two ways you are different than this animal. send to me
ZOOM MEETING AT 11:00 AM!  Bring paper and pencil.
Join by phone
+1 585-491-8264 (PIN: 177471299)