Daily Homework 10/19-23/2020

                             October 19-23/2020
Dear Parents,
Here is the homework for Monday through Friday.  For the rest of the year kids need to get an 85% or higher on IXL assignments.  If your child spends 30 minutes on an IXL exercise and still hasn't achieved an 85%, they can stop working on that one.  We will have a virtual meeting this Friday at 11:00am.  The code will be with Friday's homework  requirements.    Kids should get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.  Pick one of the following for them to do each day: ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, walk, go swimming at the pool, or have them do what you think is a reasonable activity. 
Homework for:
Monday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, d.10
               2. Myon- Levi Strauss and Blue Jeans, test on AR
               3. 10 sentence electronic  journal entry about the weekend, draw a picture on the screen using the seesaw drawing tools below your journal entry of something from your story
               4.  Read  book of your choice for 30 minutes.
               5. Exercise
                6. alphabetize your spelling words on seesaw, number your words
               7.  IXL Science m.3
Tuesday, 1.  IXL, 4th Math, d.11
                2.  Myon- Surviving the Journey...Oregon Trail, test on AR
                3.  Electronic 10 sentence long summary about  Surviving the Journey...Oregon Trail.  Start with your name, then the title and then tell what the book was about in 10 sentences or more. 
                 4.  Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                  5.  Exercise
                  6.  Study for your spelling test  by writing your words three times each, test is  tomorrow
Wednesday,  1.  IXL, 4th, Social Studies, G.1
                      2.  Myon-Juliane's Story,  Test on AR
                      3.  Write one 5-10 sentence long paragraph on Seesaw about what the book  you're currently reading is about. Make sure you mention the main characters, the setting  and the plot.
                      4. Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                      5. Do one nice thing for a person
                      6. Exercise
Thursday,       1.  Accelerated Math, Do the exercise
                       2.  Work in Freckle math for 30 minutes.
                       3.  Read book of your choice for 30 minutes
                       4.  Exercise
                       5.  Myon-, Truth about Dogs, test on AR
                        6. On Seesaw, write one 5 sentence long paragraph about what you did for exercise today. 
Friday,             1.  IXL, 4th, Math L.2
                        2.  Myon-, Lion and the Mouse, By Nancy Loewen,  then AR test
                        3.  Write a one page story about anything.  Make sure you have at least   2 paragraphs. 
                        4.  Read book of your choice for  30 minutes
                      5. Write  one paragrah describing what is happening in the book you are reading about.
ZOOM MEETING AT 11:00 AM!  Bring paper and pencil.
Join by phone
+1 585-491-8264 (PIN: 177471299)