Daily Homework for November 9-13/2020

                November 9-13, 2020
Dear Parents,

     Now that we are going to full time, the homework requirements have changed.  Each night your child needs to read for 30 minutes from a book or source that is at their reading level.   I would suggest an Accelerated Reader (AR) book so they can then test on the book and receive points and the test will also tell me and you how well they are comprehending what they read.  Some days I will assign a book that needs to be read on Myon. The time spent reading the assigned book counts towards their 30 minutes of daily reading. Kids should study their spelling list each night for 5-10 minutes by writing down the words.  Words constantly missed may need to be written numerous times on paper or in the carpet with their finger until it’s mastered.  Most days we will have math homework which you will find below.  Due to Covid 19, traditional paper math homework won’t be going back and forth which is why I have to use mostly electronic assignments.  IXL assignments need to be at a 85% or higher.  

Monday Homework:  IXL, Math, 4th, d.8

Tuesday Homework:  IXL, Math, 4th, d.26

Wednesday Homework:  IXL, Math, 4th d.37.  Myon:  All About Force, AR Test

Thursday Homework: Freckle Math, #30

Friday Homework: IXL, Math, 4th, d.40