Daily Homework for 11/16-20/2020

Daily Homework for 11/16-20/2020

Monday Homework:  IXL, 4th, Language Arts, xx.1

Tuesday Homework:  IXL, Math, 4th, d.41-Write problems on scratch paper to solve!!

Wednesday Homework:  Write a three paragraph letter to a relative that lives out of town.  The first paragraph needs to tell what you have been doing at school, the second paragraph needs to tell where you went and what you did on Halloween night, the third paragraph needs to tell about your favorite memory with them so far.  Complete this letter on Seesaw, ask your parents to give you the mailing address for the person and put that at the bottom of you Seesaw letter. ( We will actually send these through the mail from school.)

Thursday Homework: IXL Math, d.17

Friday Homework: IXL, Math, 4th, d.16