Daily Homework for 2/08-12/2021

Daily Homework for 2/8-12/2021

Monday Homework:  IXL, math  Fifth, F.10  (85% or higher)
Myon: Living Beside a River, By Ellen L.   After reading the whole book, on 8 1/2” x 11” paper, draw the world on page seven.  Label and draw in the rivers that you see on this page, before you start, turn your paper so it’s the long way position.  Take a picture with your ipad when you’re done, bring the drawing to school on Tuesday.  

Tuesday Homework:  IXL, Math,  Fifth F.8 (85% or higher)

Wednesday Homework: IXL, Math, Fourth,  O.4  and Myon: Exploring Mountains by Anita G. test on AR

Thursday: IXL Fourth Math 0.26

Friday: Do something nice for a parent or a person  that is related to you.