Daily Homework for 2/22-26/2021

Daily Homework for 2/22-26/2021

Monday IXL Math 4th, P.12 and Myon: Benjamin Franklin An American Genius by Kay M., test on AR

Tuesday IXL Math 4th, P.16

Wednesday IXL Math P.17 and Myon: Wright Brothers Airplane by Xavier Niz, test on AR

Thursday 4th  IXL Math P.19,

   Absent students on Thurday also complete:

         4th  IXL Science D.2 and D.3

              4th  IXL Language Arts D.2

Seesaw:  Write one sentence for each spelling word, send to Mr. Merritt

Friday 4th  IXL MATH    0.11

           4th IXL Language Arts M. Literary Texts:

           1. New! Read Science Fiction w/illustrations 2. N.2

            4th Science V.1

         and Myon: Amelia Earhart by Jameson A.  , test on AR